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Winston + Roo's Favorite Mini Cribs

Updated: May 7, 2021

We've scoured the internet and have curated a list below of our favorite mini cribs out on the market. Click on the images for more information or to shop the products!

What are some of the reasons you might be interested in a mini crib?

A mini crib might be perfect for you if you:

a) have a small nursery.

b) or, an older sibling, are sharing your bedroom with your little one.

c) are trying to find a more affordable option.

d) are looking for a crib for a grandparent's house.

e) are looking for a portable option (something with wheels).

*note: some, not all, of these options have this capability

f) are looking for a crib that may be folded up and stored when not in use

*note: some, not all, of these options have this capability

g) are looking for a crib that is convertible to a larger crib or toddler bed as your baby

grows *note: some, not all, of these options have this capability

h) are having multiples and would like to be efficient with limited space.

How large are mini cribs exactly?

On average, mini cribs are approximately 36 to 43" long, while standard cribs are approximately 53" in length. It's similar in function and size to a bassinet, but it is sturdier and meant more for long term use, whereas bassinets are typically only used for newborns.

How long will my baby fit into a mini crib?

Keep in mind, babies are tiny! Standard sized cribs have generally way more than enough room for your little one. Most babies will fit in a mini crib until it's time for them to be transferred to a toddler bed (until about 18 months or 2 years old, or when they are able to climb out).

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