Nursery Dresser Organization

Updated: May 7, 2021

Organization is key to a functional and enjoyable nursery. Whether you're using dresser drawers to store baby changing items or clothing items, baby items (generally speaking) are on the small side and tend to get lost in large drawers. We recommend dividing your drawer space into smaller compartments, either in fabric bins or adjustable drawer dividers (like the product options we're showcasing below!). This will truly make things easier to find in the midst of the lovely chaos that can often come with having a newborn.

When choosing which items to place in which drawer, consider how much you will need to use these items. If it's something that you plan on using every day, put this is the top drawer (or the one that is most easily accessible) and work down from there. It may take a little extra time to plan this out ahead of time, but we promise you the results will be totally worth it and you will thank us in the long run! Also don't be afraid to tweak as you learn what methods work best for you over time.

Lastly, ever heard of the KonMari filing method of folding your clothes? If not, check it out here. It really truly does help you to see all of the options in your drawer at once, and as an added extra perk it helps to keep your baby's clothes from becoming wrinkled!


Drawer Dividers: These adjustable drawer dividers maximize storage efficiency and will expand to fit most any drawer size. Check out some of our favorites below!


Fabric Drawer Organizers: These compartmentalized and versatile fabric storage solutions are perfect for your baby's more delicate clothing items. Some of the options come below come in multiple color and fabric options, and most are easy to wash by hand in cold water. Some are even created to be stackable for even more efficient storage solutions in deeper drawers!


Plastic and Acrylic Drawers: These super cleanable, modern options are perfect for storing every day essentials- diaper ointment and creams, pacifiers, hand sanitizer, first-aid kit and nail clippers, etc. Some of these are also stackable!

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