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Our 2021 Intention: To Be Kind to Ourselves and to the World

Updated: May 7, 2021

Happy New Year! I think we were all more than ready to say farewell to the year 2020. It was a challenging year for many of us in lots of ways, and if it taught us one thing it’s that things don’t always go as planned. So cheers to a fresh start in 2021 and let’s try something different. Instead of setting a goal for the new year, Winston + Roo would like to set an intention.

Goals can change as life may have other plans, but with intentions you can always stick to them even as the world around you changes! Intentions are set in the present moment (goals are more future based) and lived each day. It’s how we want to be, as opposed to what we want to do. How do we want to think and act? How do we want to impact our inner relationship with ourselves? It’s about living our life by our values and what matters most to us.

Winston + Roo’s intention for 2021 is to Be Kind. Be more kind to ourselves, and be more kind to the world. How can we embrace kindness? How can we spread kindness and teach others kindness? Below are some of our favorite books to spread the intention of kindness to our young children. These books teach inclusion, diversity, acceptance, compassion, and love. We’d love for you to join us on our journey to be more kind.

It’s important to remember that throughout 2021 as we reflect and check-in with ourselves, we must be kind and compassionate to ourselves. If we find that we are straying from our intentions, let’s kindly remind ourselves why it matters to us and refocus our intention with forgiveness and acceptance. Let’s collectively hope for better days ahead, accept what still remains uncertain, take things day-by-day, and remember that small daily actions can easily turn into a year of tremendous growth.

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